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21 May 2011 @ 02:12 am
Next Page Your Story [Affiliate Post]  
 Domo minna! genki desu ka? ^_^
First of all, THANK YOU  FOR AFFILIATING WITH US! \\(^o^)//

Have you ever thought of having Yamada Ryosuke being the prince and Chinen as the princess? Would you have Yabu Kota as the king and Yaotome Hikaru as the duke?

In nextpageurstory, you can continue the story anyway you want! Inoo Kei being a psychic genius, Takaki Yuya being a rebel student, Ryutaro Morimoto as a baby sitter and even Keito Okamoto as a guitar teacher. Continue the conflict, add characters, change the flow, create a the fight scene, the first kissing scene, even change the genre of the whole story and lots more....

Up for the challenge? visit nxtpageurstory.livejournal.com/, and be a part of a new wave of writing Hey! Say! JUMP fanfics. Allow your imagination reach the peak and share achievements with everyone. For rules and other guidelines, here: RULES AND GUIDELINES 

We hope to see you change the fate of characters and share your imagination! 

Yuto-kun and Dai-chan are also waiting for your visit...

Yours Truly, nextpageurstory mods: Kat, Aem and Hazel. <3

 Have a great day minna! domo arigatogozaimasu!
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