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06 August 2011 @ 05:15 pm
Its yOu  
Title: Its yOu.
Genre: Kinda Dark, Romance
Pairing: Dairyu
Summary: read it and you know

It never drew into me, that protecting you from all the harm means protecting you from myself.

He woke up again wondering how many nights are left till he never wakes up. Pulling the suspiciously creaseless blanket away from him as he stood up, his eyes automatically darting towards the huge window covered by thick blue curtains. With trembling hands and eyes tight shut, he pulled the curtains to the side and let the soft morning light creep to his skin.

Opening his eyes slowly, his vision fled to the corner turning towards the main road, his eyes surveying the place as if looking for something and as a shadow slowly crept into his vision he finally let out the breath he was unconsciously holding, ran towards the shower and quickly took a bath.

He strode downstairs and pecked his mom on the cheeks before sitting on the porch steps to put his shoes on.

“Daikii, eat some breakfast before you leave, it’s still so early.” His mom said handling him a toast.

“Thanks mom but I need to be there early. Are you leaving today? Oh, then please say hello to them for me.” He replied before hugging his mother and leaving almost instantly.

His mom visited him again and she does this every year. He told her he’ll be fine, but as a loving mother she just can’t leave her son alone. Daiki lives on his own, supported by both his parents, his father being the bored old man he is, spending the life of a bachelor, and his mother, finding happiness with her new family, and leaving Daiki alone. He sighed and ran half-way to the corner of the street that he’s been staring at just a while ago.

As he passed by the corner where his beloved shadow showed itself, he smiled happily before walking towards the direction of the school. But the moment he steps a foot inside the campus, students all froze and became quiet. People at the general direction towards the main roads and main buildings slowly inching towards the sides for they know Daiki will surely pass those ways.

Happy. He is just so happy right now he could care less. He sprinted towards the two tall figures leaning by the bench at the building instead of just sitting on it. And just as expected, people cleared the way almost instantly as if he’s a walking curse everyone doesn’t want to get involved with but people can’t help but stare in awe.

“Yabu!” Daiki called as he leaped to the taller and more muscular one, catching him and hugging him in the process.

“You look happy today, Daikii.” The other one said.

“He’s back, Ko chan!” Daiki jumped off the other and hugged the thinner, but prettier one. “I saw him this morning, and I’m positive he’s back now.”

“You saw him?” The pretty one asked, raising an eyebrow to daiki and laughing when the younger pouted.

“Yabu Kota!” The younger warned and the so called Yabu smiled in defeat. “I saw a shadow… and I’m sure… really really sure it’s him!”

“Goddamn that Ryutaro, he broke his promise I’m gonna kill him.” The muscular one whispered but a bit loudly that Yabu and Daiki heard him.

“Hikaru! Aren’t you too loud?” Yabu said hugging Daiki and turning him to circles. Hikaru turned red as he realized he really is being too loud.

“Ko chan! Stop! Dizzy!” Daiki leaned towards Yabu for he can’t even look at the man clearly, his vision spinning. “Who is Ryutaro?” He continued.

“Nothing. I’m hungry, let’s eat... Skip classes and go shopping~ lalala~” Yabu pulled away from the younger and pulled them towards Hikaru’s car, parked by the main gate, leaving the gaping students.

Daiki sat at the back while Yabu’s at the front seat beside Hikaru. Yabu watched as Daiki plugged in his earphone and waited till a hint of the loud music Daiki’s currently listening to reach his ears before talking. “You should be thankful the boy doesn’t question that much, or Ryutaro might have killed you right then and there.”

“If he can he could have done so just like what he did to the others. I don’t even know how or what to call him. Calling him a stalker will be a huge understatement, and I am nothing but alarmed to see Daiki so happy to have him back. He should have died in that car accident, I would have thanked him for that.” Hikaru said with rage as he tightens his hold onto the steering wheel, Yabu watching him with wide eyes.

“It’s not like Ryutaro killed all of them. The boy is innocent. He’s just got this… disease… or something…” Yabu tried to reason out.

“Disease? He’s deadly obsessed over Daiki and you call that a disease? He kills every person who comes near Dai chan and you’re considered lucky you’re still here with us now.” Hikaru hissed, aware that Daiki is watching them though his music blasts through his earphones.

“Yes! He’s so obsessed with Daiki and it’s not normal he’s got 16 people killed. It’s not normal Hikaru, so it’s a disease. He is sick and we are going to help him.” Yabu hissed back and he can see Hikaru relaxing his hold on the steering wheel.

“Yabu… he’s crazy…” The taller one whispered, still appalled by how his hyung sides with that Ryutaro.

“That means he’s sick. Seriously Hikaru when have you lost your sense of reason?” Yabu sighed looking at HIkaru.

“Since I became friends with you. But really, Yabu. I don’t see any reason why we should help him. Can’t we just live peacefully like normal university students, not thinking about some murderer-slash-stalker creeping our way?” Hikaru slowed down approaching the red light on the intersection.

“Maybe because he’s already got 16 people killed. Maybe because I don’t want to see another unfortunate soul flying up towards the sky. Maybe because I don’t know if the 17th will be you and the 18th, me. Maybe because he loves Daiki that’s why he does that. Maybe because Daiki loves him too. And maybe because we love Daiki and anything that involves him, we force ourselves in too. Or maybe, just maybe… I was thinking of doing the right thing for the first time in my life and you’re here, going against me.” Yabu stared at the stop light and watched it as it turned green. “It’s green.”

Hikaru nearly forgot he’s driving. Yabu never speaks non-sense at times like this. Maybe he’s gone too far and pissed the older off, but he likes this side of Yabu.

Yabu almost jumped out of his seat if not for his seatbelt when an arm wrapped itself around his neck and soft lips kissed his cheeks.

“Ko chan... Hika chan. Don’t fight anymore. Are you fighting because of me?” Daiki asked looking towards Hikaru then back to Yabu.

“No, we’re not fighting. We’re just having some… argument.” Yabu said as he kissed the younger’s cheeks back.

“Ryutaro…” Daiki began, and Hikaru almost crossed the other lane while Yabu choked on air.

“Y-you… You were eavesdropping?” Yabu accused and Daiki chuckled. “Ko chan, you’re the ones talking so loud in front of me I can’t help but listen.”

“Yeah right. I’m being so loud.” Hikaru commented, trying to regain his calm.

“It’s okay. I already know.” Daiki sighed and sat back on his seat.

“You knew? What?” Yabu then removed his seatbelt much to Hikaru’s surprise and forced his way to the back seat.

“Yabu you’re going to get us killed!” Hikaru shouted but Yabu just ignored him and went to sit beside Daiki.

“My classmates… all of them… were talking about him. They said he’s an angel… Angel of death who fell in love with me.” Daiki giggled before he continued. “They said anyone who dares to confess to me will be killed… and it happened. People started to stay away from me but not all… but after what happened to Ryo chan… and Inoo Kei… they didn’t confess to me… but they died. I know he’s got nothing to do with it… but everyone said that I’m a walking badluck… and everyone avoided me since then… except for you two. The only thing I learned from eavesdropping on your conversation is his name.” Daiki again giggled as he watches Yabu tense up beside him.

“You sure are happy, aren’t you?” Yabu can’t help but smile seeing his dongsaeng on high.

“Hm-mm.” Daiki sang and glanced at the rearview mirror, smiling. “He’s following us.”

“I know.” Hikaru sighed. “And I really am trying my hardest not to run this car over his. If you’re not here I would’ve done it ages ago.”

“The thing is, he wouldn’t follow you if Daiki’s not here.” Yabu stood on his knees and waved at the black tinted BMW car driving a bit close behind them. Frowning when the car slowed down slightly making the driver out of sight, but when he turned to his left, he saw Daiki doing the same as him and now pouting.

“He doesn’t want you to know who he is. But I guess it’s now useless. Do you want me to call him?” Yabu fished out his phone from his pocket and stole Daiki’s.

“Ko chan, what are doing with my phone?” Daiki peered from above Yabu and smiled as he saw Yabu punching an unfamiliar number.

“I’m calling him. He wouldn’t answer if I use mine.” Yabu placed the phone by his ears and smiled when Daiki pulled it away and pressed the loudspeaker button.

“moshi moshi?” A low calm voice answered and Daiki squealed.

“Hi Ryu chan.” Yabu said and watched as the black Mazda swayed a little. “Calm down. We don’t want you to run in another car accident. Daiki will be very sad if you disappear once again.”

“Yabu…” Ryutaro began again, and Daiki but again squealed. “Why are we going to your house?”

“You’ll see when we get there.” Yabu pressed a button and passed the phone to Daiki, the younger placed the phone close to his ears to listen if Ryutaro’s still on the other line and a smile crept across his lips when he heard the boy ranting.

“I am not going inside your house with that horse and why the heck did you call me when you’re with Daiki? Are you nuts?”

“Hello? Ryutaro?” Daiki said with a soft voice, almost a whisper, and Ryutaro’s ranting dissolved into complete silence.

“Ryutaro…” Daiki said again but was shocked when Ryutaro cut the other line. He looked at Yabu with disappointment clearly written on his face and Yabu can’t help but curse under his breath when Daiki turned his back on him and faced the window instead.

They reached Yabu’s house a few minutes later. Daiki looked behind them when the car stopped and again felt disappointed when there’s no black car following. He went to the gate and picked up the dog, Yabu’s dog and said that he’ll just take the dog out for a walk.

“do you think he’s mad because I learned of his name?” Daiki asked watching the dog dig something off the ground.

“He’s not gonna answer you, you know.” An unfamiliar hoarse voice answered instead, and Daiki stood up abruptly he almost lost his balance but the stranger helped him.

“I know. And thank you.” He said before picking the dog up and starting to walk away.

“Hey, where are you going?” The stranger got a hold of Daiki’s arm and pulled him back. “I’m just being friendly here, why so rude?”

“For your dear life, please stay away from me.” Daiki whispered but the guy only smirked.

“What can someone as small and fragile as you do? Call for help? Want me to call your mommy for you?” The guy mocked and Daiki tried to pry his arm away but the hold only got tighter.

“Please, let me go.” He said, looking at the stranger with pleading eyes, but none of his pleadings reached him. All he saw is that Daiki’s so cute he wanted to eat him.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” The stranger got a hold of the dog and pulled him off Daiki but Daiki held her tightly. “Now, now. If you want me to do you with that dog on, I can comply but I’m not sure he’ll like it.”

“W-what?! Y-you…” Daiki pulled his arm abruptly in an attempt to escape but the stranger is fast, he held on to Daiki’s nape and pulled him closer. He dropped Yabu's dog unconsciously and the dog ran towards God-knows-where.

“We could have been friends if not for your cocky attitude,” He tightened his hold on Daiki and slipped his arm around the smaller man’s waist, locking him in his arms. “Now for your dear li—“ The stranger’s words were cut and suddenly Daiki is now showering with blood coming out from the stranger’s mouth, and strangely from his chest too.

The stranger fell down almost dragging Daiki with him, but he kept his stance and for the first time, he came face to face with his beloved shadow.

A pale looking man, a bit lanky but not really. His hair, variations of a poodle like and in some angles, mop-like, but what caught Daiki’s attention is his huge deep black eyes. Apologetic black eyes looking at him, through him.

Daiki looked down at the dead man by his feet, surveying the mark of stabs at his back. “I told you… to stay away from me…” He whispered but suddenly looked up when Ryutaro started to walk away.

“R-Ryutaro… wait…” He hugged Ryutaro from the back. “It’s you… I finally met you.” He whispered as his blood soaked face stained Ryutaro’s white shirt.

“Y-you don’t know what you’re doing… S-stay away from me.” Ryutaro hissed but made no move to pull away from Daiki.

“I clearly know what I am doing, and it includes not letting you go. I can’t… now that I finally met you.” If Daiki can hug him tighter, he would. And Ryutaro can’t help but flinch, feeling something hot stain his back. The feeling of Daiki’s tears.

“Daiki… y-you can’t… I can’t be with you…” Ryutaro’s statement was cut when Hikaru and Yabu arrived running.

“Daiki! Those… blood… are you okay?” Yabu asked Daiki but kept a distance from him and Ryutaro. When Daiki didn’t answer, Hikaru grabbed Daiki and pulled him away from Ryutaro earning an initial reaction of shock from both Daiki and Yabu, but an unexpected reaction from Ryutaro.

The younger, still holding the Swiss knife he used to stab the stranger, shifted backwards quickly when he felt Daiki being pried away from him and swaying the knife in the general direction of Hikaru, but Daiki saw it coming. He pushed Hikaru away so as to not be cut by Ryutaro’s knife, and taking the cut himself. One deep, long cut at his right arm and Ryutaro’s world crashes.

He sits beside Daiki’s hospital bed, and on the other side sits Yabu. Hikaru stayed far away as possible inside the room to control and prevent him from cutting Ryutaro’s throat at the moment.

“Ryutaro.” Daiki smiles at him the moment he wakes up after being drugged. “I’m so glad you’re still here.”

“I can’t leave you… you know that… but I can’t stay with you either.” Ryutaro tried to reach for Daiki’s hand, which is his good hand for he sits at Daiki’s left side, but stopped when Hikaru from the far end of the room cleared his throat.

“Stay. Please don’t go. Don’t leave me alone.” Daiki frowned at the thought of losing his now favorite person.

“We’re still here Daiki. Yabu and I. And I don’t see why you wanted to keep him by your side when he almost got us killed.” Hikaru said, anger building up, his hands curling into a fist before Yabu stood up and smacked Hikaru at the head. “Shut up will you?” The elder said, giving the two, enough space but not leaving the room.

“You can’t leave. You’ve always been there… I can’t see you before but I always knew you were there… Watching over me… ever since that day…” Daiki trailed off, feeling his tears roll down his cheeks.

“That day your step father tried to violate you.” Ryutaro growled, Daiki smiled, Yabu closed his eyes, and Hikaru stiffened.

“Y-you were the one… who killed him…” Hikaru whispered. His tensed muscles relaxing a little by Yabu’s comforting touch.

Daiki’s first step father died by hit and run, the day after his mom brought him to Daiki’s house for them to formally meet. That day, when Daiki’s mother went out for grocery, Daiki came out screaming for help.

“Ever since that day… I knew I was safe. I knew you were there, always… I don’t know you, but I feel the safest knowing you’re around. And I can’t risk losing you now. Now that I finally got a hold of you… of who you are… of what you do… what you do for me… because of me.” Daiki reached out for Ryutaro’s hand and held it close to his heart.

“I can’t be with you. I’m dangerous. All I ever wanted is to keep you from any harm… keep you safe… but… It never drew into me, that protecting you from all the harm means protecting you from myself. I’m dangerous. I’m a criminal, a murderer… a monster.” Ryutaro’s hands trembled in Daiki’s touch.

“You’re not a monster. You are a good person. You love me… you treat me well. Screw all these human laws and shit. You are never leaving my side, understand?” Daiki said with clear authority that makes Yabu smirk, but contrasting the power is a soft smile on his lips.

Ryutaro inches his face closer to Daiki, though trembling, and stopped when he’s merely an inch away. “You and your smile… You have no idea what you do to me.” He whispered, completely ignoring Hikaru’s sharp glares.

Daiki raised his good hand and fisted Ryutaro’s collar. “In fact, I have. And I am really happy knowing what I—my smile, does to you.” He replied and pulled Ryutaro towards him, towards their own world, smiling as Yabu and Hikaru bicker with each other hearing words like sweet, love, stalker, murderer, family, happy family, four, us.

They are so sweet oh my, I need to be in love.

Tsch. It could have been better if Daiki fell in love with someone not a stalker-murderer-whatsoever.

It’s fine. You need to accept him. He’s a new addition to our family. We’ll be a happy family. The four of us.

Aren’t we a family of victims? Why are we adopting a criminal?

He’s a victim of love, God damnit Hikaru, shut it.

Make me—.

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