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09 May 2010 @ 09:08 pm
Title: Bad Timing
Author: Jen
Pairings: TakaYama (main) & DaiRyu (side)
Genre: Smut & Romance
Rating: NC-17
Words: 710 (I didn't realize it was this short)
Summary: Yamada is stressed and frustrated and Takaki is the only one to relieve him of that.
Notes: HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY, YAMADA!!! Hopefully you had an awesome b-day with Takaki! xD
I haven't written smut.. in the longest time, let alone a TakaYama one. LOL It's a bit blah, oh well. And shorter than I expected. Sorry~ xD Busy~
Comments are really appreciated!

It really didn't help that Yamada walked in on Daiki 'raping' Ryutaro.
Title: 5 Times Ryutaro got Hit in His Head with Thick Book by Daiki + 1 Time He's Crying because of That
Author: Me (Aoisoranohikari / Kiza / Sora )
Rating: PG
Pairing: DaiRyuu

Notes: My Niichan hit me with phone book yesterday *cries*, and suddenly I got idea for made this fic!!! LOL And Happy Birthday Yamachan!!! XDD Wish you all the best naa!!! Kore kara mo zutto ganbatte ne!! (^o^) / Itsumo itsumo ouen shitemasu!!!

Warning : Terrible English


This is the first time I posted in this community (>_<) If I broke the rules don't hesitate to warn me!!!! Thx you!!
30 April 2010 @ 08:49 pm
Author: emmachase
Requested by: chibilover14 
Title: True Confessions
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, some fluff
Pairing: Daiki/Ryutaro (DaiRyu)
Summary: Remember that little poll I had a while ago? Well, I finally got around to making a quick story about it! I hope you like it
Notes: Stay tuned for the next chapter folks!

Ryuu-Chan…. )

Hallo! This is my first time posting to this comm, please let me know if I tagged it correctly, and please let me know what you think!

15 April 2010 @ 08:55 pm
Title: Wants (10/10)
Author: Jen
Pairing(s): Arijima, DaiRyu & YutoChii
Genre: AU & Fluff/Romance
Rating: PG
Words: 1507
Summary: Ryutaro thinks he can get whatever he wants... until he meets Daiki.
Notes: HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY, DAIKI!!!! Hopefully you had tons of presents and maybe a special one from Ryutaro? LOL xD Please stay cute and short! xP
And sadly... this multi-chapter ends.. ;w; Thanks to all who supported meh and commented! <3 I love you all!
Comments are really appreciated~! XD
Prologue / 1st Want / 2nd Want / 3rd Want / 4th Want / 5th Want / 6th Want / 7th Want / 8th Want / 9th Want

'Dai-chan, you can't avoid me forever,' Yuto said when he managed to grab Daiki's wrist firmly.
09 April 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Pairing: Dairyu
06 April 2010 @ 03:48 pm
Title: You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you.
Author: hotfruits
Rating: PG
Pairing: DaiRyu
Disclaimer: No
Summary: There were some things though that Ryutaro had both no control and total control over: Love.

05 April 2010 @ 08:28 pm

Now, aren't we just thankful to the Winkup photoshoot? :DDD


27 February 2010 @ 01:24 pm

(Click to enlarge)

OMGEE. I THINK I DIED WHEN I SAW IT. <3 That is so freaking adorable. <3 Aaand I can't stop staring at how amazing it is. =w=

...Er, that's it. Just thought I'd like to share that. *skips off*
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30 January 2010 @ 01:28 pm

Title: Fear In Many Places (Chapter 2)
Author: Maii
Pairing: Stalker x Ryutaro / Daiki x Ryutaro / Takaki x Daiki x Ryutaro
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After the encounter, Ryutaro was put into the hospital. While he is there, something goes wrong.

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25 January 2010 @ 06:07 pm
Title: Fear In Many Places
Author: Mai
Pairing: Stalker x Ryutaro / Daiki x Ryutaro / Takaki x Daiki x Ryutaro
Genre: Romance / Drama / Fluff ?
Words (For Entire Entry : 1047
Chapter Summary: Ryutaro meets his stalker at last. But is this more than a meeting ? Why did the stalker suddenly appear now ? Does the stalker want something personal ?

Please Read ~~ Nya~~
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